Programs and Research Line

The Vice-Rectory of Research and Post-Graduation (Propesp) from Universidade Federal do Amazonas (Ufam) has the mission to stimulate researches and creative activities in the many areas of knowledge, support studies about the Brazilian and Amazonian reality, searching for solutions to the problems related to social and economic local development.

The Ufam has more than 250 Research Groups certified by the CNPq, developing the Scientific Initiation Program, offering scholarships sponsored by CNPq (PIBIC) and FAPEAM (PAIC) and also the Young Talents Program, sponsored by CAPES.

In the last ten years the Ufam has change significantly its academic profile: the number of stricto sensu courses registered by CAPES increase from only five (5) Master’s Degree courses in 2001 to the current thirty four (34) Master’s Degree courses and twelve (12) of Doctorate, besides the three in partnership with other Higher Learning Institutions.

For purposes of performing exchange at Ufam graduate courses, international students must talk directly with the Graduate Programs.  

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