Created in 2009, the Office of International and Inter-institutional Relations – ARII is linked directly to the Rectory of the University. This work has particular relevance in the current national scene that has elected the internationalization of Brazilian universities as a strategic tool in the process of higher academic education in our country.

Ufam’s internationalization strategy has the function of highlight and enhance the important role of international and inter-institutional relations in order to open new horizons for the work of the university. ARII has been working hard to be structured as an important link between Ufam and the national and international scene opportunities for academic training and conducting research, innovation and extension in an environment of multi-institutional partnerships and themes.

In this current context of discussion on the internationalization of higher education, the role of ARII has been much greater than that of advising the rector of the University on issues related to the establishment and enforcement of international and inter-institutional relations according to Ufam's policy. The challenges motivate us to go further, to work strategically, tactically and operationally by the internationalization of the University and all its community, considering the academic units in Manaus and in the countryside of Amazonas State.

Main actions of the Office of International and Inter-institutional Relations

Coordinate academic mobility programs, in the context of undergraduate and postgraduate as “IN” (receiving students from other universities), and "OUT" (sending students to partners universities in Brazil and abroad);

Analyze, develop and monitor the implementation of the Technical and Scientific Cooperation Agreements that are consistent with the policy of internationalization of the university and/or deepen the local or national partnerships relevant to the context of the global strategy of the University;

Administratetively manage and keep track  of the activities of academic mobility;

Participate in national and international events with the main objective of disseminating the activities related to academic mobility, as well as teaching, research and extension activities;



Connect UFAM to Brazil and abroad, valuing the interculturality as inductor to academic excellence.


Being a management department that is reference in management and treatment in this working area.


  • Ethics and Transparency in management;
  • Efficiency;
  • Team work;
  • Equality in opportunities.