Center for Native Seeds of Amazonas

Training Course in Seed Collection and Management of Tropical Tree Species

Registrations don't open every year, but when they do, they are for 20 people for this 10-day-course, which is about management and collection of seeds from tropical tree species at the Center for Native Seeds of Amazonas [Centro de Sementes Nativas do Amazonas of Ufam (Universidade Federal do Amazonas)]

The course is organized and coordinated by Professor Manuel de Jesus Vieira Lima Junior and is designed for participants who are interested in activities such as collection, treatment and conservation of seeds from tropical trees. It is ideal for students, teachers and technicians involved in these kinds of activities.

The course aims to improve the technical skills of participants in the area of processing seeds of tropical flora, as well as project management. It is taught by specialists (researchers, students, arboricultural technicians) who will train participants in species identification, ecology, phenology, uses, and monitoring and in the techniques of collecting, handling and processing seeds. Excursions and other activities (such as tree climbing) are also planned. The idea is to solve the chronic difficulties experienced in undertaking the collection of seeds for the purpose of forest restoration. Additionally this training awakens participants to the possibilities of entrepreneurship and income generation, when undertaking forest restoration projects that are required by governmental law applicable to Legal Reserve and Riparian Preservation Areas. This course provides knowledge for the promotion and enhancement of Amazonian forest species, while encouraging the empowerment of students. Finally, it will highlight the benefits of further research into the Amazonian flora and the potential for ecological/economical balance that is provided by genetically diverse and well managed Agroforestry systems.

Upon completion of these activities, participants will leave with the essential practical skills needed to effectively manage Amazonian tree seeds, and all successful participants will be accredited with a certificate from Ufam to demonstrate their achievements.

This course was first approved by the University Extension Department and occurred monthly from March to October 2016. It is not currently active, but may open in the future.

More than the training course, this option involves another 14 days of excursions and provides adventure, learning, self-development, team building and more than a little fun for an extra cost.

For more details of when the course will start again and registrations, please contact: 

Prof. Manuel de Jesus Viera Lima Junior (CV-Lattes:
Associate Professor of Forestry Sciences Department - DCF/Ufam
General Coordinator of the Center for Native Seeds of Amazonas
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+55 92 98222-7927
Coordenador CSNAM