The Postgraduate Agreement Student Program (PEC - PG), officially created in 1981, offers scholarships for developing country nationals with whom Brazil has a cultural and / or educational cooperation agreement for training in courses of postgraduate strictu sensu (masters and doctorate) in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

The benefited are offered the following grants:
  • Vacancies in Brazilian HEIs recommended by Capes, without tuition costs;
  • Monthly scholarship in the same amount as the one offered to Brazilian students, namely:
    • R$ 1.500 for masters, with a maximum duration of 24 months;
    • R$ 2.200 for a doctorate, with a maximum duration of 48 months;
  • The return’s plane ticket to the foreign student's country.
The foreign student interested in attending post-graduate programs at Ufam through the PEC-PG should consult the Graduate Programs to obtain information about the necessary procedures and documents.
Access the contacts of the program's coordinators here.
Visit the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information.