How to Reach the University Campus

  • To the south sector of the Campus - Bus line 002
  • To the south and north sectors of the Campus - Bus lines 125, 616 and 352

The ticket costs R$ 3,80, but students that enroll in the Transport System of Manaus (Sinetran) pay only R$ 1,50. In addition, the city has 5 integration terminals in which you can switch bus lines free of costs, thus, covering all areas of the city and operating from 4 o'clock in the morning to midnight. The terminals are:

  • Terminal 1 - Av. Constantino Nery, Center - Hub of 66 lines
  • Terminal 2 - Rua Manicoré, Cachoeirinha - Hub of 49 lines
  • Terminal 3 - Av. Noel Nutels, Cidade Nova I - Hub of 43 lines
  • Terminal 4 - Av. Camapuã, Jorge Teixeira - Hub of 19 lines
  • Terminal 5 - Av. Autaz Mirim, São José - Hub of 23 lines

To know about routes and bus lines go here.

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Transportation Inside of the University Campus

Ufam offers the Integration Bus to carry out the transfer of the academic community between the north and south sectors, and to the Coroado roundabout, outside of Campus. It is totally free.


Nowadays most map applications, such as Google Maps, can inform you of all the possible bus lines you can take in your desired itinerary with great accuracy, including switches and moments you'll need to walk.