Finding a House

In order to assist national and foreign students, the International and Interinstitutional Relations Office (ARII) informs that the University Campus Senator Arthur Virgílio Filho is located in the South Zone, near the East Zone and the South-central Zone, in this way it is better that exchange students at Ufam seek housing in the nearby neighborhoods, which can offer affordable rents and greater ease of transportation:

  • Cachoeirinha
  • Japiim
  • Petrópolis
  • Coroado
  • São José 1
  • Parque 10

The prices of the rentals in Manaus vary according to their location, in general the prices are around R$ 700,00, with possibility of negotiation. The value of a kitchenette (apartment with living room and bathroom), for example, in the neighborhood of Coroado would be around R$ 500,00. In the neighborhood of Petrópolis, under the same conditions (also 20 minutes from the Campus) it is possible to find rents worth R$ 400,00.

A visit to the areas is ideal to identify better prices and places since some rents are not disclosed, with the owner only posting informations in front of the property. Ufam offers housing only for students of low income (to prove by means of several documents), but the period of arrival of the students in interchange does not always coincide with the period of enrollment established in edital.