​Proficiency Tests

UFAM applies the following proficiency tests through the Application Center:


Applied twice a year, Celpe-Bras certifies Portuguese language proficiency for foreigners and Brazilians whose mother tongue isn't Portuguese (as according to Article 4 of Ordinance 1350 / MEC, 2010).

The registrations are made exclusively on this website and usually occur between the months of February and March. In the State of Amazonas, the location licensed by the INEP/MEC for the application of the tests is the Federal University of Amazonas.

Additional information about Celpe-Bras here.

Toefl ITP

The Toefl ITP exam, used to obtain English language proficiency, previously offered for free, is temporarily suspended. We await further information from the Language Without Borders (IsF) Program on the new evaluation format.