Degree Revalidation

Revalidation and Recognition of Foreign Diplomas

The process of revalidation and recognition of foreign diplomas was reformulated through the Resolution 3/2016 of the Ministry of Education (MEC), which established the Carolina Bori digital platform to meet all requests for revalidation. The applications received by the platform are then sent to the respective Institutions of Higher Education (IES), being possible for the Faculty or Coordination of the course to call the candidate for an exam or not.

The process begins with the enrollment of the student in the Carolina Bori platform. After filling the information and sending the documents foreseen in the Resolution, and based on the information provided by the candidate, the respective Higher Education Institution will approve or not the student's request. If accepted, the candidate must wait for the publication of the edict of the university in which he wishes to submit his academic qualifications.

Ufam, according to Ordinance No. 0876/2017, established a General Commission for Revalidation and Recognition of Foreign Diplomas (CGRRDE) for the admissibility of applications, determination of deadlines for sending documentation and for payment of fees, according to notices published by the Assistant Rectory of Teaching and Graduation (Proeg).

After the admission of the applications, the CGRRDE refers the cases to the Commission of Revalidation and Reconnaissance of Foreign Diplomas (CRRDE) of the respective course or academic unit requested by the candidate. The Commission is responsible for analyzing and evaluating the whole process and providing evidence where necessary. The final results are published in the Carolina Bori Platform by the CGRRDE, with the student also being notified of its approval or not.

Ufam opens edicts according to the availability of vacancies with disclosure on Proeg and Ufam's websites.

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