Meet Ufam

Universidade Federal do Amazonas (Ufam) is a public institution of higher education that offers, through teaching, research and extension, graduate and undergraduate courses.

Social Name: Fundação Universidade do Amazonas

Legal Nature: Federal Foundation

Ministerial Binding: Ministry of Education

Address: Avenida Rodrigo Otavio, No. 6200 - Campus Senador Arthur Virgilio Filho - Coroado I - Cep 69080-900


Act of Creation: Law No. 4069-A, June 12, 1962, the Decree 53,699, of March 13, 1964.

Hours: Daytime and nighttime

Maintainer Entity: Fundação Universidade do Amazonas

Rules: Consuni Resolution número 003/2003 of 25/03/2003 published in the Official State Gazette On April 28, 2003.