Ufam's History

Ufam's history begins on January 17th, 1909, with the foundation of the "Free University School of Manaus" (Escola Universitária Livre de Manaus), formed by the Sciences and Languages School, the Law and Social Sciences School, and the courses of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Midwife Nursing.

On October 22nd, 1913, the School changed its name to University of Manaus, remaining so until 1926. With the fall of the economic rubber cycle, the city emptied and the population experienced a long period of uncertainty and needs. So, in 1926 the University stopped its activities, with only the Law School remaining, which was maintained by the Federal Government.

On June 12th, 1962, the University of Amazonas Foundation was created, through the Federal Law of number 4069-A, by authorship of Senator Arthur Virgílio Filho. However, it was only on January 17th, 1965, that the installation was opened as University of Amazonas, in memory of the former Free University School of Manaus. For the next 37 years, the University remained with the initials “UA”.

With the Law of number 10.468, on June 20th, 2002, the institution received the nomenclature of Federal University of Amazonas, using from this moment the initials “Ufam”.