Campus Manaus

The courses located in the Manaus campus are:


Agrarian Sciences

Agronomy; Forest Engineering; Fishy Engineering; Food Engineering; Zootehnics; Biological Science Area; Biotechnology; Biological Science; Natural Science; Physical Education; Nursing; Physiotherapy; Medicine; Odontology  and Pharmacy.



Exacts Sciences

Architecture and Urbanism; Computer Science; Design; Civil Engineering; Computer Engineering; Materials Engineering; Oil and Gas Engineering; Production Engineering; Electrical- Electronic Engineering; Telecommunications Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Chemistry Engineering; Statistics; Physics; Mathematics; Geology; Chemistry; Applied Mathematics  and  Information Systems.



Humans Sciences

Business Administration; Archives; Visual Arts; Library; Accountancy; Economics; Social Sciences; Public Relations; Journalism; Law; Philosophy; Geography; History; Spanish Language and Literature; French Language and Literature; English Language and Literature; Japanese Language and Literature; Music; Pedagogy; Psychology; Social Service  and Libras.