Amazonas Federal University

The Amazonas Federal University (Universidade Federal do Amazonas - Ufam) is located in the North of Brazil, a place that hosts several natural resources and friendly people. Is a public institution dedicated to higher education, Ufam, over it's 105 years, has contributed to citizens formation and to the Amazon development.

Currently, Ufam has about 30,000 students enrolled and offers 118 undergraduate courses and 34 graduate programs (34 master degrees and 11 doctorates).

Our academic facilities includes: 6 campuses, of which 5 are strategically distributed along several big Amazonian rivers, like: Solimões, Madeira, Negro and the River Amazon itself. The main campus (6.7 million square meters) is located in Manaus,capital of Amazonas state and is considered the third largest forest fragment in an urban area in the world and the first one in Brazil.

The University elected internationalization as one of its goals for the quadrennium 2013 - 2016 understandingthat this is an aggregator process skills able to create value for both science and technology, and for the Brazilian economy.