Representing the Universidade Federal do Amazonas to national and international universities and institutions;

Identify funding agencies for development of technical and scientific agreements;

Advising the Universidade Federal do Amazonas, via Rectory, in subjects related to technical and scientific cooperation;

Disseminate and inform the academic community about courses, symposiums, conferences, seminars in national and international events;

Identify institutions that have common interests and goals (teaching, research and extension) with the Universidade Federal do Amazonas;

Support teacher’s proposals that aim technical and scientific cooperation in the areas of teaching, research and postgraduate;

Stimulate the exchange of experiences between teachers and students of the Universidade Federal do Amazonas with others of universities, national or international;

Promote international integration of undergraduate, postgraduate "Lato Sensu" and "stricto sensu", with all areas of knowledge;

Supporting teachers and students from other countries who are studying and/or working in Ufam;

Advise units/departments that have cooperation agreements with national and international institutions;

Have in file a copy of all agreements and covenants signed by Ufam.